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Ana María 7th,8th August Canterbury

Ana María, 7th August
Hello all!!
Last weekend we had the opportunity of visiting Cambridge and Leeds Castle. If you have never heard about this castle you maybe think that it´s close to Leeds city, but it isn´t.

Actually it´s near Canterbury, just one hour far by train. The easiest way of arriving at the Castle from Canterbury is by taking a train to Hollingbourne and then you have a 30 minute pleasant walk. Fortunately, the weather compensated us for the rainy day we had in Cambridge.


The ticket you buy is valid for one year so that´s why there were so many local people taking pleasure of the sunny Sunday. Apart from the visit of the castle, the whole family  could enjoy the maze and grotto, falconry displays, punting on the moat, playgrounds and what´s more, the tradicional Sunday picnic. 

Coming back to studies, our teacher Patrick has started the first Monday lesson with “Focus On the Learner”. 
According to the Multiple Intelligences Theory, there are eight different kinds of intelligence: Kinaesthetic, Interpersonal, Intrapersonal, Linguistic, Logical, Musical, Naturalist and Spatial.
Therefore teachers should try to be ecleptic, use different techniques, and vary the activities in the class to get the attention of the plural students.
After practising some very useful exercises, Patrick has finished his lesson giving us two pieces of advice:
 “The teacher needs to believe in the method he´s using”
“We should learn by playing with the language”

In the afternoon, Isabel has focused on New Ways of dictation: Running Dictations, Mutual Dictations, Mixed Ability Dictations, Whistle Stop Dictations and True/ False Dictations. 
We have had the change to do an example of all of them and we,ve checked that they are dynamic, engaging and meaningful for our students.

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