sábado, 5 de agosto de 2017

Ana Maria & Helena 3d August Canterbury

Hello there again! 
Today has been an excellent lesson day full of varied and rich activities to be used with our students. 
In the morning, we did pronunciation and once again, we realized of the importance of this feature when learning a foreign language.In fact, in face to face communication 38% is pronunciation, 55% is body language and only 7% actual words. Definitely, our students must be taught how to do it. We started by having a look at the phonetic script with all the sounds of the English language. Due to the French control over England for many years the official language was French and that's why we find French sounds in English phonetics as well as  its influnce in many words.Many times, the context saves the day when we are speaking, but this not always happens. It's not the same to have a ship or a sheep. We can offer to students multiple choice activities, we read the sentences out and they have to choose they think they listened to or play ludo once you have taught them the different sounds...or you read out a story and they raise their hands at any time they hear the sound. I must recognise that playing ludo was a lot of fun and a perfect way to learn and consolidate pronunciation. During the second lesson we worked on reading. We did a lot of reading activities such as jigsaw reading, two-in-one story. We learned the difference between the skimming skill (main idea) and the scanning skill(particular details).Patrick showed us different techniques to train our students the reading skill. "Good readers only read what they need to read",he said and it's true.
In the afternoon, I had the last lesson with Isabel. It didn't surprise me at all that,once again it was amazing. It was about using media and authentic material in class. There are some aspects we have to bear in mind like innacuracy in grammar we may find if we use songs, for example. We did a marvellous chunk activity based on a Robin's Hood clip and we dealt with listening, vocabulary and speaking based on it. After that, we used another clip to learn and practice the tricky prepositions.Then,she gave us a list with different sources in the internet which we can work with in our lessons and discussed the ones we did successfully with our students. It was a nice sharing moment. This was my last lesson with her and even some tears came to my eyes when I had to say good bye to Isabel. She's simply the best. Thank you!! Well, I'm the one leaving but my colleague Ana Maria stays for one more week and she'll bring me up-to-date when we meet back in Spain.
In the afternoon, we went to do some shopping, walk around the city and walked up to the top of a hill to see Edmund's School and marvellous views of Canterbury.



Pilgrims Hospital of Thomas Becket

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