sábado, 25 de julio de 2015

Ana María 7th Day

It´s Saturday!! No school, no rush. How about walking from Greystones to Bray? I asked yesterday, and in a few minutes I started getting information about it, timetable, location...

It´s in the South East of Dublin, at the seaside.
You can get the train and stop in Greystones, eat something ...

and start the walk (7km). Take some water. The views at the top of the cliffs are spectacular.

It took 2 hours to do all the way to Bray.

After having lunch in Bray I thought I could go to Sandycave. It´s on the way back to Dublin.

Why is it famous? Do you know James Joyce? He is from Ireland (1882-1941).

In Sandycave it´s Martello Tower where James Joyce spent 6 days

The first chapter of his book Ulysses takes places in this tower.

And describes the same room he stayed in.

That´s all folks!!

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