miércoles, 13 de julio de 2016

Ana María - 13th July

Hi all!!
Today has been different. We´ve finished our class while we were having tea in a 16th century mansion, Christchurch Park.

The kitchen has been turned into a classroom!!!

Two interesting subjects today: CLIC and Vocabulary

The aim of CLIC is to learn a specific subject through English. The teacher doesn't teach English but uses English introducing new concepts.

According to Vocabulary, teacher should explain more vocabulary and pronunciation than grammar. These are the basic skills for communication. Moreover, there are more misunderstandings concerning to vocabulary and pronunciation than grammar.

We can follow some steps to teach vocabulary:
1. Meaning in context
2. Pronunciation
3. Write the word (don´t start the lesson writing the words)
4. Tasks/Acting out

A website with a wide variety of activities: onestopenglish.com

That´s all folks!!

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