jueves, 18 de agosto de 2016

Mary- At school

Hello everyone!
Today has been a busy day at school. At first, with our teacher Grant, we've learnt how to introduce new vocabulary at the english class, and we've played vocabulary games like "taboo". It has been funny!
Then, with Jo, we' ve done the same but with grammar. We've learnt how to introduce new grammar structures in a different way as the traditional one. For example, instead of boarding the structure at first, in this technique boarding is the last step. I've found this class very useful.
Finally, with Georgina, at the language improvement class, we've learnt some idioms and chunks and we've done some activities and games using them.
After school, I've gone to Foyles, my favourite book shop and I've bought some books. Now, it's reading time so... Goodbye!

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