domingo, 28 de agosto de 2016

Mary: last days and goodbye

Hello again.
The last days of the course were so interesting because we did "Observation Classes".
In my case, I went to an elementary class with Georgina, one of my teachers.
There were only three students in class: a japanese girl and two men, from Brasil and Turkey.
All of them had a lower english level but a high motivation for learning the language.
There were lot of thinks that I liked about the class, for example how Georgina encouraged the students for speaking and, although they were grammar classes, she paid lot of atention to the pronunciation and the grammar practice through dialogues and speaking activities.
Another aspect of the class that I liked was about listening activities. I noticed that the teacher put the listenings twice, and after the first one (instead of going directly to solve the exercise) she always ask students for the gist. Then, after listening the audio again, students had to solve the activity. I asked Georgina about this and why she did it and she told me that, with listening activities, students feel stressed and nervous and, with this technique, students don't feel this pression at first, and it helps them to relax and listen better.
And, the course came to the end. I'm a little bit sad and happy at the same time, cause I've learnt lots of things and I've met teachers from other countries for sharing ideas. Goodbye everyone and thanks for reading!!

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